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recently even taking on a commentator's role at president obama's democratic convention. >> it was brilliant the way he dealt with hope and change because he talked about how the change that has happened in the country has been accomplished by the american people and the american people give him hope. >> but now the former vice president is selling the low-rated channel to al jazeera, the middle east based network that has never gained much of a foothold here in the united states. whether the current spinoff has an anti-american tilt, the network has won awards and some praise for its international reporting. >> al jazeera english has been awarded a peebody for our coverage of the revolutions. >> this is al jazeera, president mubarak has resigned. >> joining us now from new york is dave maras a veteran of abc news. >> thanks, howard. nice to be here. >> let's start with a broadcasting question. why was the latest version dissolved in a bitter display of lawsuits and counterlawsuits but also eliot spitzer and jennifer granholm. why was it such a flop? >> its production va
. >> and the missing link there was president obama. as you said the democrats feel a little vulnerable here. if you go back and look at the voting record back in the 110th congress, when the fisa amendment was passed it was passed with a bipartisan majority with 69 votes in the senate. so the democrats were voting for it back then too and there was a window here and the window was, they were waiting for leadership and waiting for president obama to back them up. without him getting this there and fighting and he had that opportunity but even though national security legislation is usually a one-way ratchet, the last administration overreached so far that he could have said, this is different. we have to go back. but the democrats aren't sticking their necks out on the if the president is a the this. >> and part of the fiscal cliff is, let's not do it to steps. >> the domestic side, let's cut it and let's not cut the defense despite the fact that if we had across the board cuts it would have taken the defense budget back to the level it was at 2006. >> people don't get just how much defense has grown i
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jersey set himself up as a figure looking down with mostly scorn at the democrats and republicans in terms of the middle of the country that feels anti-congress . not all that keen on president obama either it is a pretty good position. >> she - on he does have to run for reelection. >> the decision to delay the vote to make sure the money was well spent. bill kristol defended it. >> it is indefensible and we talk about well spent money, shut down the entire congress. come on, it was a political move and there was a response to a political move that was genuine not only by chris christy but pete king who said the same thing. disaster money should not be politicized. >> the point, justin critics of the bill said it was not all disaster relief. >> let it go to the floor. the speaker had an open vote and he could have done it here and they had the vote to pass it >> media mean seems to be that the gop was out of touch and divided. many judy , agree with that. was that the way the headlines were casting this thing. >> it is politics and from the headlines it was all politics and not s
. obama broke a string. first successful democrat getting a big major health care program through some since 1965. just one other story that's very important. when harry truman proposes national health insurance, the reader in the senate, the senate minority leader, the republican leader in the senate, bob taft wasn't a warm individual but he gets out and he calls this the most socialistic bill ever before this body and he actually walked out of the hearing with the battle the message has been cast in stone. every suggestion by a democrat for expanding health care views socialism treat people will remember how big a fight in the obamacare debate was remarkable coming and we tell the story clearly in the book. every single time in this socialism, it is the end of america as we know it. it is a huge rhetorical battle and it is always one-sided. the republicans, the opponents would say this is socialism. this is bureaucracy run amok. this is death panels. death panels stand in a very long legacy. the democratic response, no, no it's not, this isn't socialism. let us tell you the details o
headquarters. >> today a new year and a new fight in washington. president obama and congress are set for another fiscal show down over the borrowing limit. democrats say congress must raise the debt ceiling to pay the bills. republicans insist any debt hike should be accompanied by spending cuts. >> my idea is to have a comprehensive view. we talk about tax simplification and fairness as something we should be engaged in long before the fights came along. now we have a chance to do that with a heightened awareness bit public on why we need to do certain things. let's put on the table what it is we can in order to increase revenue. >> it underscores the appetite for more taxes on the other side. we resolved the tax issue a few days ago. everyone taxes are going up because that is how the law was written. a few days ago 35 percent of -- 95 percent of senate republicans voted for tax release for the american taxpayers and not a single republican senator voted to raise anyone's taxes. >> molly is covering this live from washington, dc. what is the latest? >> rather than private negotiati
popular nominees from democratic presidents. >> and i will continue to support people chosen by president obama that i would not have chosen. senator kerry has a lot of different views than i do. we're on the opposite ends of the political spectrum, but i respect him. i think he's a thoughtful man. i think he's in the mainstream. i'll have a hard time voting for anybody to be secretary of defense who believes that the surge was a foreign policy blunder. i'll have a hard time supporting anybody for secretary of defense who believes that the iranians are misunderstood, that we should just negotiate with them and not sanction them and to ask israel to negotiate with hamas who is trying to kill israeli children and not recognize that hezbollah is a terrorist organization and to be so wrong on afghanistan, it's probably going to be a bridge too far for me and a lot of others. this is a controversial pick. he is an antagonistic figure when it comes to the state of israel. it's a signal you're sending to iran at the worst possible time and to our allies. >> are you opposed enough to filibuster t
. members already introducing 10 bills. democrats once wishing for gun restrictions. mayor thomas marino is hoping that president obama will sign gun-control into law this month. meanwhile, the illinois lawmakers arguing about gun rights and gun rights advocates surface again in the next session of the legislature. for now is oer. my next guest has a unique y in which to protect his state's school kids, proposing to arm one staffer in each of arizona's schools following the tragedy at sandy hook elmentary. joining us now, attorney general of the grim state of arizona, also state superintendent to from 2003-11. great to have you with us, attorney general. >> great to be with you. i think you have been interviewing me for a lot of years and. lou: it has been a while. we don't have to count them all up. we come up with intriguing and i think provocative ideas. i would like to get a sense of what the response has been to your proposal. >> well, what i tried to do is find the golden mean between two extremes. some people oppose that all teachers be able to bring guns to school as much as they
't have to govern. that is not sustainable. we leave the playing field to the democrats and barack obama. host: darren is on the phone from baltimore. good morning. caller: good morning. for having me. wonderful. i'm very thrilled. i have been watching c-span since i was in high school and i appreciate the show. i have seen john on other programs. you do a pretty good job. host: i bet you haven't seen him with a green tie. i know there's a game in baltimore today. i think there's a football game in washington, d.c. caller: we are very excited about the game. host: let me explain the green tie. guest: notre dame is playing in alabama and that is the only game that matters to me. that is why i'm wearing and i'm going to the game. caller: ravens have a game, too. a lot of story lines in football this year. i was calling because, you know, we have been continued of having the same fights since i was young. we have all known about the three problems that we have -- not problems -- the biggest amounts of spending. defense, medicaid, medicare and social security, which doesn't add to our defici
by three rising stars of this new congress, democratic senator heidi heitkamp, who surprised so many in the political world by winning in north dakota, a state where mitt romney beat president obama by almost 20 points, republican congressman tom cotton from arkansas who volunteered for the 101st airborne in iraq and afghanistan after getting degrees from harvard and harvard law and joaquin castro of texas, named president of the house democrats. you may remember his twin brother, the mayor of san antonio. welcome to all of you. senator heitkamp, let me begin with you, 1 of 20 women in the senate. we saw you talking to diane sawyer just the other day talking about how women are better at working together than men, and during the campaign, that was actually your biggest criticism of president obama. i want to show everybody what you said during the campaign. "i think president obama failed in the one test america had for him, which was to unite the country. i think he needed to be more hands-on. i don't think he's done enough to think broadly and come up with solutions that would enga
successful at getting health care. obama broke the strength. first successful democrat getting a big major health care program for since 1965. there's one other story this very important. when harry truman proposes national health insurance, the leader in the senate, the senate minority leader, the republican leader in the senate, not a very warm and cuddly individual, but he gets up and calls this the most social bill ever before this body. he actually walked out of the hearing. after a battle back -- bitter battle the mother rhetorical message had been cast in stone. every suggestion by a democrat for expanding health care is socialism. people will remember how bitter the fight got in the obamacare debate. what's remarkable, and we tell this story clearly in the book, every single time it is socialism, the end of america as we know it. it is a huge ripple -- rhetorical battle and it's always one-sided. the republicans, the opponents will say, this is socialism to monday rocker see run amok. this is the panel's know. it's not. let us tell you the details of the bill. a clear, ideological
the republicans and the democrats to work together -- >> that is the point. the voters did vote in president obama and kept the majority in the senate. but the voters decided they wanted to have republicans in control of the house of representatives. that says something. >> you know, i don't see any appreciable difference between the republicans and the democrats, i have to tell you. i would like to see a second party emerge in which the american people are protected. these are cultural wars that the democrats and the republicans haven't signed on to. they have come together and given up the budget -- >> i am sorry to interrupt you. i want to let the viewers know, we're looking at the president and the first lady and their daughters as they come off of air force one, returning from hawaii. go ahead. >> oh, no, no. that's quite all right. we have to put the american people above partisanship. look, the fact is, the fastest growing population in america are the independents. why? because we need something else. what we have gotten from both parties has run us into the difficulty we have to be honest
for that would be good for the country. delaying obama care for a year and energy policiless. there is tactical thing that is would have some democratic support giving the government ability to issue more bonds. >> john: one thing, charles that was not talked what are we doing to drate jobs in in - create jobs in the country? >> as nined the restoration . old rate is contractionary for the economy and not good for the jobs. in my view it had to be reinstated. and the administration treated it as a concession and privately they were willing to accept all along . so yeah. there was contraction built in this the fiscal cliff keel-- deal. the big variable of what is about to happen is it the republican position. what is it going to be. nina is exactly right. the president is adept and enthusiastic of exploiting their differences. in that context, it is amazing to me how the republicans have so many differences . before we have intelligent discussion, they have to get in a room if they can and figure out what they want and stick to it. >> the issue is spending. purely spending. >> they have honest d
hope president obama does in this second term. not only with republicans. he needs to build relationships with a lot of the democrat leaders in congress who complain bitterly and continuously. >> we have to wrap it up. let's just leave it at this. both sides have a lot of work to do to try to restore trust. i think that's what the american people probably are eager for. l.z. granderson, ana navarro, thanks so much as always. >> sg food, gas technology, we could all feel the cost. ahead, the top ten items that will squeeze your budget this year. >>> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this is a speicher box. one of these along with a cockroach could make you an expert on the brain. >> we try to make the tools simple enough that we use, things people are familiar with, cell phones and laptops. our equipment has one button on it. you just turn it on. >> we've been enlightened by the neuroscience and how our brain functions and getting a better understanding of muscles and brain. >> we're almost up to 100 high schools. i'm greedy. we want that across all the country. we don't just want one ki
, they are certainly welcome to do that. but i don't care if a president -- and, listen, barack obama has had republican cabinet members. george bush had democratic cabinet members. i like bipartisanship. i would like to see more of it. i think we need more diversity in the next cabinet, and so far what we're seeing is a lot of white men, but the president is allowed to pick whom he chooses, and if he chooses a former republican senator to be his next secretary of defense, the senate ought to have a hearing, investigate it, and give it an up or down vote, period. >> chip, in terms of the bipartisan appeal, do you think that is a significant factor here? do you think by doing this the president tries to rise above the rancor that exists on capitol hill? >> trying to do bipartisan support by nominating a former republican senator who balked his own party and backed the democratic candidate in his own state is not the way to do it. senator graham said we'll have a hearing and see what happens. it's going to be tough to get chuck hagel confirmed. when a few senators decide it's not going to happe
obama back in washington fresh off the fiscal cliff fight. now he and the democrats face a debt fight with the gop. at the same time we expect a nomination for a new secretary of defense now, but for many the name chug hagel has their hair standing on end. good afternoon. i'm craig melvin. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics and what role, if any, will the tea party play in the mid-term election? we'll talk to the head of the tea party express and is it time to revisit one of the most revered documents in our american democracy? first though president obama back at the white house fresh off the hawaiian family vacation facing a fresh fiscal fight with republicans, even as he and his family return to from hawaii. republicans were firing new shots on the sunday morning talk shots in the battle over raising the nation's debt limit. >> if you raise the debt ceiling by a dollar, you should cut spending by a dollar. that is the way to go forward. >> dealt with the revenue issue. now the question is will the president lead? you know why should we have to be bringing him to the tabl
there in wall street and industry? >> guest: well, look, first of all, let's not say if obama lets it happen. there are a bunch of people in washington who are involved in this, the congress is involved along with the white house. democrats and republicans both have a role to play in whether we resolve this problem or not. the fact that we've let it get to this extent, the fact that we are leaving the american people exposed to the risks associated with the fiscal cliff because they couldn't deal with these problems on time early enough or with any foresight is a national scandal, and i think it warrants the outrage that it's generated. but having said that, um, you know, the fiscal cliff is a correctable problem. you go over the cliff and, yes, the consequences could be 3-4% of gdp growth just by contracting government spending due to automatic cuts by, say, 6 or $700 billion. but the day of after that the market's going to fall 7 or 800 points, and it may be that it falls 7 or 800 points the day before. washington will get the message, they'll fix it. what i fear and what i think is the re
not agree and 12% had no opinion. along party lines 2/3 of democrats gave the okay to the bill. which taxes the wealthier at higher rates. gallup found that none ofshowdo rating with house speaker john boehner scoring the worst. president obama will head back to washington from hawaii late tonight. he's expected to be greeted over confrontations with the debt ceiling. the debt ceiling is the legal limit on the nation's borrowing. in his weekly address, the president says he's taking a hard line on the issue. >> one ning i will not compromise over is whether or not congress should pay the tab for a bill they have already racked up. if congress refuses to kbif the united states its ability to pay its bill on top, the consequences could be catastrophic. last time congress threatened this course of action, our economy suffered for it. our families and our businesses can not afford that dangerous game again. >> on the first day of the new congress, lawmakers introduced nearly a dozen bills related to gun violence. they come in the wake of the connecticut school shooting and promises from preside
ruled irish democrats for decades. yet a city council that was committed to his destruction just like a republican congress is to barack obama's downfall in his first term. he had to work with those guys and he did work with him. he also machiavelli and university had, he outlasted them. he outmaneuvered them. they refuse to confirm any of his appointments and then there was the famous massacre they called it where the city council at a meeting and they didn't have a quorum because there were three members who had been arrested or indicted or convicted of various crimes such as insurance fraud. and fixing races at a local
on the top pentagon spot but cue democratic sources told us that chuck hagle, the two-term senator from nebraska is likely to be nominated earlier next week. he opposed the surge in iraq and toured the mideast with candidate obama in 2008. he's assured rough sledding in confirmation hearings. marco rubio said he may block the nomination unless hagle withdraws his opposition to the embargo against cuba. and his baching at the designation of hezbollah has a terrorist group. then there are the remarks he made to mideast diplomats. the jewish lobby in tim dates a lot of people up here on capitol hill, he told miller in a 2006 interview, adding i'm not an isreali senator, i'm a united states senator. >> and finally some other groups are unimpressed with the policy he offered last month for comments he made in 1998 about the first openly gay ambassador, hormel, who he called aggressively gay. he said his purple hearts qualifies him for the job of defense secretary and the white house has lined up high profile backers to defend his record on israel. >> he has been over the course of the long c
president obama to negotiate on spending cuts. as you quite correctly said, we just live heavied through the first of these cliffs, which was the fiscal cliff. we got by that one. democrats feel they had their day there and they did, they got their tax increase. republicans are still wondering when are we going to get around to reforming these big giant entitlement programs and maybe disciplining spending on the discretion aye side, i think there will be a showdown on the debt ceiling. you may not like it, but i think we may come to the brink again. this issed way washington works now. >> conservative republicans hold themselves up as financially responsible. isn't this an irresponsible thing to do? despite ideological leanings, to not pay bills that we've already run up? >> well i think you gave a nice presentation in terms of the history of the debt ceiling. but the recent history as long as i've been in washington the last 25 years, ali, we broke from that convention and we've used the debt ceiling as a way to get things that we want in terms of the budget process. i remember in the 1
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)